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The pool Chlorinators the professionals use

Heavy duty and reliable chlorinator, manufactured for Australian conditions. 

  • Low Salt only 3000 - 3500ppm required. 

  • Standard and Self Cleaning models available. 

  • Comes with a simple to operate quartz mechanical Timer which has a built in battery back up function.

  • 20 amp (55,000L), 30 amp (80,000L), 40 amp (100,000L) and 50 amp (140,000L). These pool litres are approximate and depend on location and climate. 

  • Warranty: Non-commercial household installations are 2 years limited on the power pack and 5 years pro rata on the cell.



Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Replacement cells also available from your local Pool Pro Stockist

  • Low Salt usage 

  • Quality titanium Cells

  • Reliable Timer 

  • Heavy duty aluminium casing 

  • Reliable wiring

  • Winter time function

  • Easy DIY installation guide

  • 24 month limited warranty on the Power Pack

  • 60 month pro-rata warranty on the Cell

  • All spare parts and replacement Cells freely available

  • Pool Pro Salt - the natural partner

  • Fully compatible with specialist Pool Pro branded products:
    - Cell Protector - Cell Cleaner - Clean and Clear Shock Treatment 
    - 5 in 1 Shock Treatment - Pool Pro Algaecides and Balancers

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