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  • The chlorinator must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Standards and must be installed in a well ventilated position away from sunlight and rain (but not in an enclosed shed) at least 1m above ground.

  • CPP/CPPS models: ideal salt levels range between 3000-3500ppm (parts per million). Salt levels below 3000ppm and above 4000ppm may damage equipment and void any warranty.

  • CPP/CPPS models: the Timer Switch will override the Timer when it is in the Manual position. For timer settings to control the unit the Timer Switch needs to be in the AUTO position.

  • CPP/CPPS models: ALWAYS TURN THE CLOCK FACE CLOCKWISE, NEVER ANTI-CLOCKWISE. You will strip plastic gears and damage the Timer.

  • MineralX models: ideal salt levels range between 1200ppm - 1800ppm (ideally 12500ppm).

  • MineralX models: It is recommended that the Cell Housing be installed horizontally to create a
    natural gas trap that acts as a safety device. Installation in any other way may cause
    explosion, injury or death if the installer does not allow for gas removal. A venturi pipe is
    installed/molded within the Cell Housing design to eliminate any possible gas build up,
    although it is always recommended to ensure proper installation to eliminate this from


  • Do not permit children, or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities to use or perform maintenance on this product. To reduce the risk of accidents or incidents, service on the unit should only be performed by your local Pool Pro Professional.

  • Never cover the chlorinator unit with towels or similar. The chlorinator has air vents to keep it cool. Covering the vents may cause damage to the chlorinator.

  • The chlorinator should always be in an undercover area away from the elements.

  • The chlorinator should never be in a closed shed or similar environment near chemicals or fertilisers. Fumes from chemicals and fertilisers may cause damage to the chlorinator and may void the warranty.


  • Check Power Pack Junction Box screws are tight and Cell leads are in sound condition at least once a year.

  • Chlorinator Cells must be cleaned before scale/calcium builds up to the point where the electrode gaps in the Cell are bridged as this may cause damage and affect operation. Check the Cell frequently to prevent the accumulation of pool debris that for any reason may have bypassed the pool filter, particularly after backwashing. See the User Manual for full instructions on cleaning the Cell electrode.

  • Check all plugs and cords for damage.

  • The Power Pack has air vents to allow internal components to remain cool. A special oil is applied to the inside of the unit during production to stop insects from entering the unit. To help assist in keeping the insects away, apply a surface spray periodically on the wall or post that the unit is mounted on. DO NOT spray directly into the Power Pack. Ensure the power is off when you spray. Allow adequate time for the spray to dry before turning power on again.

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