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What are the different models of the Pool Pro Chlorinator?

There are 3 ranges of Pool Pro Chlorinators, and each type has various models to suit different sized pools and climates:

  • The CPP range is a standard chlorinator, which is a non-reversing design and calcium build up needs to be manually cleaned periodically from the Cell's electrode plates.

  • The CPPS range is a reverse polarity (RP) chlorinator which is a reversing design and automatically changes direction every 6-10 hours depending on your settings. This change of polarity causes the calcium to dislodge and keep the Cell's electrode plates clean. Please note occasional cleaning of the electrode plates may be necessary.

  • The MineralX range is a digital chlorinator with reverse polarity (RP). This chlorinator is suitable for mineral and ultra low salt applications, as low as 1500ppm.

What salt level should I maintain with the Pool Pro Chlorinator?

  • For the CPP and CPPS range, the ideal salt levels range between 3000ppm - 3500 ppm (parts per million). Salt levels below 3000ppm and above 4000ppm may damage equipment and void any warranty.

  • For the MineralX range, the ideal salt level is 1500ppm, but can be between 1200ppm - 1800ppm. Salt levels above 2500ppm for the MineralX chlorinator may overload the unit and cause excessive heat and void warranty.

What tools do I need to install these chlorinators?

  • Drill with a 7mm drill bit.

  • Basic PVC fittings.

  • Hacksaw.

  • PVC Primer and PVC Cement "Type P" for pressure pipes.

  • No.2 Phillips Head screwdriver.

Do I have to do anything to my swimming pool before installing the chlorinator?

  • Have your swimming pool water tested and balanced.

  • For new pool installations please seek advice from your pool builder before adding salt as some new surfaces request no salt to be added when initially completed.

  • Use Pool Pro Ultrafine Pool Salt or Pool Pro Premium Pool Salt at the rate of 3.5kg per 1000L of pool water. Mineral/magnesium chloride salts can also be used, including the Pool Pro MineralX blend. Add 20%-30% extra product for mineral/magnesium salts.

Where do I install the Power Pack?

  • The power pack must be installed outside of the pool zone, no more than 1.5m from the cell, at least 1m above ground, away from chemicals and fertilisers (fumes may damage the power pack) and in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Standards.

  • Mount the power pack in a well ventilated position away from direct sunlight and rain (not in a closed unventilated shed). If mounting on a post, install a waterproof non-metal flat panel as a backing plate.

There is excessive build up on the Cell.

  • Click here to download a troubleshooting guide for excessive build up on the Cell.

There is a Low Chlorine reading.

  • Click here to download a troubleshooting guide for low chlorine reading.

The chlorinator shuts off due to overheating.

  • Click here to download a troubleshooting guide for shut-off due to overheating.

The CPP/CPPS chlorinator looks fine but it's not turning on.

  • Check the unit's power cord goes into a wall outlet and the outlet is turned on.

  • Test the wall outlet with a working appliance.

  • Press the Timer switch to "Manual".

The CPP/CPPS circuit breaker keeps tripping.

  • There may be excessively high salt - check the salt level and lower it if needed.

  • There may be a short across the Cell's electrode plates - remove the Cell and check the plates for any metal lying across the plates.

The CPP/CPPS green LED is flashing but still no output, low or no water flow.

  • Ensure there is sufficient water flow through the Cell.

  • Check the pool pump is on and running.

  • Check for air pockets - perform a backwash if needed.

  • Check skimmer and pump baskets are clean and securely tightened.

The CPP/CPPS timer is not functioning properly.

  • Ensure the Timer switch is set to "Auto". and the black lever in the center of the timer is set to time clock position and not "I" or "O".

  • Refer to the Timer Settings in the user manual.

The MineralX chlorinator displays everything normally but is not turning on.

  • Check the timer settings.

  • Check for any Fault codes.

The MineralX has a water flow fault.

  • Check there is no air in the cell housing. Check for any closed valves, a pump fault or burst pipe.

  • Check the pump's speed is adequate, increase the speed of the pump until the cell housing is filled with water.

The MineralX timer is functioning incorrectly.

  • Ensure the Power/Mode is set to Auto.

  • Check the Timer settings - refer to the user manual.

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