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What is Solar Heating?

Your Pool Pro Professional can help you if you are thinking of having Solar Heating Installed. Speak to them first.

Installing solar pool heating can increase the use of your pool by up to four months. By using heating energy from the sun, the cost to heat a pool in this way is very economical. Solar heated pools are best used in conjunction with a pool blanket which assists in retaining the heat.

The type of solar system may vary; however the basic principle remains the same. Pool water is circulated through a series of tubes (the collector) usually mounted on the roof, where heat is absorbed and the heated water returns to the pool. The collector can be of either EPDM Rubber or PVC/TPR material and is usually supplied in multiple tube “strips”. The amount of heat absorbed and the ultimate increase in pool water temperature depends on several factors which should be considered when deciding on a solar heating system for your pool. They are:

Size or area of collector and number of tubes per sq.m (square metre).Naturally the major influence on the effectiveness of any solar system is its exposure to the sun, therefore, the location or positioning of the collector should be installed on the northern side of the roof.Control system.


The amount of collector used in your solar system will have a major influence on the effectiveness of the system. The size of the collector is usually expressed in square metres, and as a general rule, directly relates to the surface area of the pool.

Larger systems will be needed where a higher than average water temperature, or an extended swimming season is desired.

It is imperative that your solar system is installed by a reputable and professional Solar Company.

Your Pool Pro Professional can advise you on any further information you require.

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