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Neptune Pool Pumps


Neptune Pool Pumps by Pool Pro are perfectly suited to Pool Pro Chlorinators. There is a pump to suit every pool and spa. Have a browse below.

Pool Pumps

Neptune Pool Filters


Check out our full range of Swimming Pool Filters: Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters and replacement cartridges. Perfectly suitable for any salt chlorinators. Check them out below.

Sand Filter for Salt Pools
Pool Chlorine for Salt Chlorinators

Chlorines for Salt Pools


From time to time it will be necessary to add some chlorine to your pool even if you have a salt chlorinator.

Have a browse of our huge range of chemicals by clicking the button below. TIP: Never add Calcium based chlorines to a salt pool.

Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaners


Need a Pool Cleaner? We stock a complete range of Pool Cleaners. There is one to suit every pool type and size. It is important that you have an Automatic Pool Cleaner that is suited to your pool and environment. Check them out.

Pool Pro Salt Cell

Replacement Cells


When the time comes to replace the cell in your salt chlorinator be assured that we stock every possible type and a whole range of products to lengthen the life of your Salt Chlorinator's cell.



It's okay to allow your dog to swim in your pool, but you must add additional chlorine afterwards. Your chlorinator doesn't know to produce extra chlorine after heavy bathing loads, extremely hot weather or after your beloved dog has had a dip!

Dog in Pool
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