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Welcome to Pool Pro Chlorinators

Pool Pro Chlorinators are designed by Australians and made for Australian conditions.​


MineralX Chlorinator Models

  • Ultra low salt operation (1,500ppm)

  • Digital chlorinator with LCD screen

  • Backwash, superchlorinate & winter/blanket functions

  • Compatible with Neptune pH Controller

  • Premium grade titanium cell

  • Single or dual timer cycles

  • Designed to be used with Pool Pro MineralX blend and other low salt setups

4 Year Warranty - Neptune NDC.png

MineralX pH Controller


Automatically maintain safe pH/acid levels with the MineralX pH Controller.

  • Convenient automatic acid dosing system

  • Maintains safe pH/acid levels

  • Prevents scaling and corrosion of pool surface and equipment

  • Commercial grade peristaltic tube and roller

  • For Pool Pro MineralX chlorinators

  • Easy to install and use

  • Warranty: 12 month full warranty


CPP & CPPS Chlorinator Models

  • Low salt operation (3,000 - 3,500ppm)

  • Standard & Self Cleaning models available

  • Heavy duty

  • Titanium cell

  • Reliable quartz mechanical timer

  • Mineral compatible

  • Simple DIY installation


Pool Pro is proudly Australian owned and operated with stockists across Australia. Pool Pro also supplies an extensive range of pool chemicals including high quality pool salt, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, algaecides, adjusters and balance chemicals.  You will also find a wide range of pool equipment such as cleaners, pool pumps, sand and cartridge filters, cleaning accessories and much more.

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Find out more about our quality range of salt chlorinators, replacement chlorinator cells, and our huge range of pool products by visiting Pool Pro.

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